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Inktale Translation & Consultancy


Expanding to a new region is nerve-racking and confusing. Often you just need a helping hand from someone that knows the local area, and that’s exactly what Inktale’s Consulting Service is here for. 


Take each step with confidence, knowing that you’ve got a team of locals supporting you. Need an office in a city you’ve never visited? It’s done. Unsure what content strategies work well with the locals? We’ve already tried them all and we’ll give you data-supported answers.


Our team and the experts we network with have been through this process a hundred times before. We’ve seen the struggles that companies experience, and we’ve seen solutions to overcome them. We’ve seen the thrill of success, and we want to help you experience that too. 


Our dream is to help you realize your dream.

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Inktale helps clients enter the Chinese market. We work with you to develop a plan that’s ahead of schedule and under budget. And then we follow through on that plan.


When you expand into a foreign region, the process involves so much more than simply having a good product and getting it in front of customers. There’s tax laws. Paperwork. Office property. Business laws. Paperwork. Partnerships to form. Paperwork. Oh, so much confusing paperwork. 


Inktale takes all of those worries off your shoulders. We’ll handle the technical nitty-gritty. You handle all of your new, happy customers. 


To get started, send us a message at

Image by Rodion Kutsaev
Image by Rodion Kutsaev

Look before you leap. Inktale will work with you to develop a winning marketing strategy from A to Z of your business plan.


Before you enter the market, we’ll have our experts run a SWOT analysis and detail any logistical items you need to put on your checklist. Once that’s done, we’ll work on checking those items off the list.


What apps are important? What social media channels are popular? Will you need an office? How does your business plan need to change considering local competition? Make sure you talk with our experts in the field before starting your expansion.


Start building your marketing strategy by contacting Inktale at

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It’s critical to build brand awareness. People in each region respond to different marketing campaigns in different ways. You can’t just take your Thanksgiving campaign from America and expect it to see good results in China. 


Our team has a history of success building brands at home and abroad, and we’ll work with you to develop a content localisation strategy that resonates with you and achieves results. 


With Inktale, you’ll find experienced content strategists who can guide your team towards the correct apps and the correct types of campaigns for the region you’re entering. We’ll ensure you get content that converts to customers. 


Let’s get started! Send us a message at

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