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China requires a whole new strategy when it comes to social media. Inktale shines here. Our mix of Chinese and international team members means we know how to make your campaign work on China’s unique social media apps, and we can clearly communicate how the strategy works with you. 


We’ll help you set up accounts on the platforms that matter. In no time flat, your company will be building a loyal following on WeChat and getting shares on Weibo. After setting up the accounts, Inktale can also help you to maintain and grow these accounts if you’d like. We can help you enhance your presence in the social web by building custom blogs, wikis, WeChat pages, LinkedIn pages, podcasts, Weibo accounts, Facebook pages, Tiktok accounts, and many more. We’ll help you maintain them and further enhance the quality of conversation with your customers, making your social media messages more engaging and eye-catching.


We will not only work along with you to set up the social platforms of your choice, customise them to best reflect your brand and your voice, but we will also educate your company on how to effectively use these platforms for engaging community management and conversations.

We have several packages and plans to choose from to fit any budget. If you’re ready to enter the social web, we are ready for you.


Contact us today for a quote and see how Inktale can help create your social media footprint.

Image by Sara Kurfeß
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