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Founded by translators with a dream of breaking down barriers, Inktale Shanghai is a team of qualified translators & linguists, content-creators, marketing specialists, and PR professionals who are committed to using our multicultural roots and wealth of cross-border experience to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps. From translation and interpreting to content writing, cultural consulting and Chinese social media management, our greatest joy is in finding ways to help clients communicate across borders.


Our young and ambitious team has a vision of building connections across the globe. We have teams working from Moscow to Montreal, Chengdu to London, and many places in between. Our global reach ensures that we are plugged into an impressive range of global markets.

Our people are our most important asset. We are a team of enthusiastic, driven individuals who bring unique perspectives and skills together. Every person makes Inktale the incredible place it is to work, and together, we’re unstoppable.

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Sabrina Zhang


Founder and CEO

Sabrina has led marketing and localisation projects in Europe and Asia for industry-leading clients including ADEN, Schindler, Covestro, Maserati, the Bank of China, as well as UKFT. She also leads projects for political ministries such as the British Consulate in Shanghai and the Shandong Government. An expert in providing translation and localisation services, she is a member of the Shanghai Interpreters Association and has an MA in Business Translation with Interpreting from the University of Surrey in the UK.


In order to realise her dream of helping others to bridge gaps with positivity and understanding, Sabrina founded Inktale and is in the process of creating an international community where wordsmiths from around the world can share stories, exchange knowledge, and grow together.

Jane Yang

Project Director

With over six years of global financial market experience, Jane has a strong understanding of both western and Chinese financial markets and in-depth knowledge of the intricate cultural differences, all of which is a great benefit to the work we do here at Inktale. Her rich project management experience in the global financial industry gives her great insight of cross-market business expansion strategy, localisation strategy and business operations.


Billy Wong

Brand Strategist

Billy (Huang Yuwen) is passionate about personal improvement in life and work, cultivating mindfulness as a yogi with his team and clients. He brings his strategic insight, and wonderfully calming demeanor, to help Inktale boost your brand to its maximum potential. As a budding Hong Kong designer now living in Cape Town, his portfolio credits include TCL, Jiadeli Supermarket, M&G Chenguang stationery, ZOKE Swimwear, and LOL by New World Department Store. Billy has a background in design and strategic advertising from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Amelie Zhu

Head of Communications

Amelie Zhu is the creative powerhouse running Inktale's communications department. She has a BA from Zhejiang University and over 10 years of rich experience in market operations and advertising for large international brands like General Motors, Johnson and Johnson, Huawei, and plenty more. She has also led the brand management and public relations departments of large-scale internet corporations.


Xu Bin

Head of Localisation

Professor Xu is our language guru. He is the Director of the School of English at Shandong Normal University, with a focus on translation and computer-aided translation (CAT). He holds a BA and MA from Shandong University. With over 20 years experience in computer-aided translation and a publication history that includes 10 research papers and 40 books, Professor Xu ensures that Inktale's linguistic standards are of the highest caliber. Professor Xu's most recent work on translation, focused on technologically-advanced translation solutions is titled "CAT – A New Horizon for Translating Research and Practice."

Raquel de Oliveira

Senior Editor

Raquel began her consulting career at Accenture and since then has built over a decade of experience being the brains behind brilliant campaigns with marketing and public relations campaigns for global leaders like Nestle, Givaudan, Coty, and La Perugina, as well as authoring technical articles that have been published in more than eighteen countries. She packs all that experience and delivers it to help Inktale clients achieve their goals and make dreams happen. She holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University Pompeu Fabra, a Master's degree in Communications from the University Ramon Llull, and an MBA from Hult International Business School.


Michael Smit

Senior Editor

Michael "Smitty" Smit is a professional copywriter and award-winning journalist from California. He's known he wanted to be a writer ever since the second grade when he folded a stack of paper, stapled the fold, and wrote a book about talking animals that knew kung-fu, and he's been developing his style ever since. His writing chops combined with almost a decade of experience teaching language help Inktale create content with a kick that resonates with readers in any region.  He has a degree in English literature with an emphasis in creative writing.


Ryan Thorpe

Senior Editor

Dr. Ryan Thorpe makes sure our content is clean and crystal clear. He also teaches humanities and writing courses at the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute. He is the director the Shanghai Writing Workshop which holds free, public workshops in Shanghai. He is the editor of The Blue Tiger Review,, which publishes the work of writers using English as their second langauge.


Liang Chen

Senior Translator

As Inktale's senior translator, Liang Chen is a professional English-Chinese translator and also works as a lecturer at Haikou University of Economics in China. Before earning his master degree of translation and interpretation in Beijing Normal University, he had graduated from China University of Political Science and Laws as a bachelor of Laws and English Literature. His translations include River of Golds: The Rise of the Spanish Empire, from Columbus to Magellan and Terrorist Financing, Money Laundering, and Tax Evasion, which reflect his expertise and insight in nonfiction translations.

Karl Stefan

Senior Translator

Karl Stefan is a senior translator at Inktale. After visiting China for the first time nearly a decade ago, he was inspired to study the Chinese language and become a bridge between cultures. He has a master’s degree in Chinese-English translation from China’s Dalian University of Technology, and enjoys translating works on Chinese culture and scientific research. He also has experience working as a medical interpreter in the United States. At Inktale, he lives out his passion for helping people navigate language and cultural barriers.


Esther Xia

Senior Editor

Esther leads our content team and has over 7 years brand and PR management experience working for major corporations such as Jiangxi Bank, Hua Xia Bank, and Tencent Cloud. An expert in content creation and brand management, she is adept at fully harnessing the power of Chinese social media to help a brand reach its potential. Esther is fluent in spoken and written Chinese, English, and French.


Bass Zhong

Head of IT

Bass Zhong is Inktale's IT wizard based in Shanghai. He's helped a wide range of major companies break into the Chinese market over his impressive career, including names like Zara, New Look, Brita, and more. He's worked with major agencies like Baidu and he's also worked on his own as a freelancer, and now that valuable experience works for the benefit of Inktale's clients. Zhong graduated with a degree from ECUST Shanghai.  


James Radford

Head of Brand Development

James Radford is a business development maestro who overlooks the growth and expansion of Inktale. He's passionate about growing business by fostering developing relationships with clients, suppliers, and other partners. Radford has a Masters in Economics from the University of British Columbia and has over 15 years of sales experience across in private equity, luxury fashion, advertising, and more.