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Localisation & Content
Marketing Specialist

Help your business thrive beyond borders by harnessing
the power of language, content and communication


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Inktale was started by translators, and we’ve grown to feature a full team of translators, proofreaders and localisation specialists. They receive regular training to ensure the highest quality of our translation services.

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Inktale’s highly accomplished writers and marketing specialists are hand-picked to ensure your content hits the mark every time. We boost your business through comprehensive content solutions, international marketing campaigns, and years of experience to guide your team into the target market.

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We make the most out of our role as a bridge between cultures. The Inktale team helps your business to enhance communication among your own people, clients, customers, countries, and cultures through our full array of cross-cultural training and business etiquette training programmes.

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Inktale fuels your brand’s infinite potential beyond borders. We ensure that you have the China-entry and exit strategy you need so your brand’s story lives and breathes across all communications platforms and channels.



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We are a happy and enthusiastic bunch!

If you want to do something special, you need to love what you do. Our positive energy for our work is contagious and our passion comes through in every project.


Service is key!

We guide you through the process from the first plan to the final conclusion with the support of experienced polygots, programming pioneers, and marketing magicians to ensure you get that quality of service that makes you smile. 


We are your closest partner!

At Inktale, our operational philosophy is to join your team in order to mutually realise our full potential. The moment we team up, your company's goals become our company's goals. We compliment the talent of your team to build a partnership where we both become stronger. 

We understand and we care!

Inktale operates with the mindset of thinking locally and acting globally. Our multi-lingual, international team understands the nuances of cultural differences and stands ready to truly help your business thrive beyond borders.


"Our people are our most important asset."


We are a global team of enthusiastic professionals. Every person makes Inktale an incredible place to work, and together, we’re unstoppable. 

Happy staff means happy clients and we won’t settle for anything less. The results speak for themselves.

Click on the link below to learn more about our team members.

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A warm THANK YOU to our clients who believe in us.

We’ve been absolutely honoured to work with brilliant clients ranging from small startups to large corporations from a variety of commercial fields. Our track record shows that our individual take on each project and attention to detail do matter! We are passionate about helping you to step up your content game. Let's roll...

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Candice Wen

Marketing Communications Manager

"They delivered on time and beyond expectations. We’ll be definitely working with Inktale again."

They have a very professional English writer team. I like how they conduct each of the interviews and write our building stories into amazing pieces..

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Catherine Li
Marketing Specialist, Large Project Division


Winnie Tong
Director, Marketing & Communications

"The Inktale team really looks after the quality of the content they develop. They are familiar with our corporate style, and are very responsive. We count on them."


"They delivered on time and beyond expectations. We’ll be definitely working with Inktale again."


Bessie Xu
ManagerManager of CSR Department


Winnie Tong 

Director, Marketing & Communications | China

Winnie Tong 

Director, Marketing & Communications | China

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Daniel Zhuang

Digital Marketing Manager

"They delivered on time and beyond expectations. We’ll be definitely working with Inktale again."

“It’s really my pleasure to work with such a young, enthusiastic and dynamic team. I am happy to see how they closely support us with our daily tasks. I am looking forward to thoroughly exploring our collaboration opportunities with Inktale!”

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Claudio Garrido
Consul General of Chile in Shanghai


“I would like to congratulate you on this timing initiative, which allows us to discuss critical topic with our business partners and simultaneously generate a vivid sense of community in these challenging times. Strengthening the intercultural communication between the Chilean and Chinese business communities is at the heart of our endeavor. We are thankful for companies like yours that offer us their expertise to advance this topic.”

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JJ Vidal Wood
Trade Commissioner

“It was a pleasure to attend the activity organized by Inktale. We had a very positive conversation about sustainability, alternative energy, trends for international business, how COVID affected business practices, and the challenges for each country as well as individual sectors. I really hope we can have more such online roundtables and open conversations.”

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Robert Herzner
China Director

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"Inktale has helped us establish our WeChat account and has distinguished itself as a reliable service provider over the past years. During the Shanghai lockdown, Inktale quickly implemented new formats to connect their business partners with potential new customers."

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For job opportunities with Inktale, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:


Telephone:+86 (0) 21 2287 6571     

Mobile: +86-151 0217 5579

Address: Suite 262, 1018 Kangding Road, Shanghai, China   



Please fill out the form below if you have any inquiries.



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