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Founded by translators with a dream of breaking down barriers, Inktale Shanghai is a team of qualified translators & linguists, content-creators, marketing specialists, and PR professionals who are committed to using our multicultural roots and wealth of cross-border experience to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps. From translation and interpreting to content writing, cultural consulting and Chinese social media management, our greatest joy is in finding ways to help clients communicate across borders.

Brand Story

"I see Inktale as a ray of sunshine. We want to make that positive change and bring out that smile for business through the power of content and communication. Looking to the future, we’re excited to guide your company towards heights you had never thought possible!"


Founder & CEO

How I see Inktale...


Inktale wouldn’t have happened had Sabrina not decided to study her Masters in England back in 2013.

She went back to China in 2015 and started working as a freelancer in translation and interpreting. She loved the freedom to focus on what she did best: boosting communication through her language skills and overseas knowledge.

It was a chance encounter in Shanghai in 2016 that saw Sabrina reunite with her dear old friend Freddie, a bright young man from London fluent in Chinese and with an equally impressive grasp of Chinese culture. After numerous cups of coffee and a whiskey or two as they looked out over the Bund, they soon realised that they shared a passion for assisting foreign companies to enter the Chinese market.

Very soon the idea dawned on them: It was time to create a global community of translators and interpreters to provide expert language services for both Chinese and overseas companies wanting to do business around the world.

Inktale is a tale of real life. Inktale is an attitude—it's about being open, honest and understanding.



We are driven by our love of great ideas and pride in the results that come with them. This is Inktale. With an unmatched commitment towards language, Inktale is more than just an agency.

In the years since that chance encounter, Inktale has grown into a highly respected company working for international companies including Fox Umbrellas (England), Campofrio Frescos (Spain), DLZ (USA), and FGT (Germany). Consistently delivering results and achieving client loyalty, we soon started to offer a full array of localisation and content marketing solutions. By the end of 2017, Inktale had begun working for world-renowned companies such as Maserati, Huawei, Aden Group, and Schindler.

The recognition we get from our clients brings out the best in us. We love it! In addition to our Language Centre, Inktale has a Creative Centre, Event Centre, Training centre, and—since 2018—Freddie has led a London office focused on providing support to UK companies venturing abroad. As our young, dynamic and enthusiastic team continues to grow, Inktale is fast becoming the go-to company for all language and branding services.

We like to venture off the beaten track and to go beyond the expectations of our partners. Come with us to a place you never imagined was possible.


PEOPLE: Be a great company that provides everyone with the support and care necessary to be their best selves.

PERFORMANCE: We love quality work. From our elite team's attention to detail to our unparalleled client service, we go the extra mile for the sheer pleasure of seeing a job well done. 

PASSION: The Inktale team buzzes with energy and enthusiasm. This company started from a dream that was too good to wake up from, so we worked until that dream became a reality. This isn't our job, it's our calling.

Mission & Philosophy
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We aim to help our clients realise their dreams as they grow, thrive, and prosper in new markets.


1. We help marketing departments of those international companies who are deeply rooted in China write marketing and technical content and translate their copies into multiple languages.

2. We help B2B brands who want to enter China with their China-entry marketing strategies and look after their marketing operations such as social media management and campaign execution.

3. We help Chinese companies who would like to "go global" with their content marketing and localisation needs.



We’ve been privileged and honored to work with brilliant clients in arenas large and small, and from a variety of commercial fields.  From small local firms to big international conglomerates, we are here, motivated, and passionate to help you reach that next level.



Communication takes collaboration, and we cherish building lasting relationships with our partners. These wonderful teams help us do the work we love doing.  

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