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Welcome to our Media Centre!


Welcome to our Media Centre!


Here you can read about Inktale's latest news and newsletter.

For any more information please contact the Inktale media team via 0086--(0)21-2287-6571 



10 October, 2022 

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Top Tips on Driving Sales and Promoting Your B2B Brand Image: Roundtable Conference Recap

Inktale Events | 如何促进B2B销售、提升品牌形象:回顾圆桌会议二三事

■ A big thank you to everyone who attended our Roundtable Conference on Content Marketing & B2B Sales for Boosting International Brands in China last month. The turnout was spectacular! We invited content marketing leaders from a number of companies to discuss how essential it is to have good quality content in order to drive sales. We know breaking the barriers to entry is not easy, but we are here to help you drive your brand image in China and create a core business value. Join us to find out how Inktale, GlueUp and Infinity Growth can help build up your company values and lead to conversions.

非常感谢大家上个月参加了我们举办的“国际B2B品牌在华内容营销与销售增长”的圆桌会议。这次活动吸引了众多来自各行各业的来宾!我们邀请了多家公司的内容营销负责人,来探讨优质内容对促进销售的重要性。我们都知道,打破进入壁垒并不容易,但我们可以帮你提升公司在中国的品牌形象,并创造核心品牌价值观。快来了解Inktale,GlueUp 和Infinity Growth是如何帮你建立公司价值观,并将其转化为实际销售成果吧。

31 October, 2022 

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Talent That Matters: Introducing TOP Inkies of the Quarter


 Inktale was born from a passion for language, culture, and communication – three fundamental factors for any business entering foreign markets and a dream of breaking down barriers. Over the years, Inktale Shanghai has developed into a team of translators, linguists, and copywriters who are committed to using our multicultural roots and wealth of cross-border experience to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps. We tap into the wealth of our mother tongues and boost businesses through our branding, localization, and content marketing solutions.


18 November, 2021

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InktaleEvents | Time for Training & Acclimatisation

Business Etiquette is a basic skill of a successful business. As language experts, we’ve worked with a number of businesses on mastering potentially delicate moments. As the right formal behavior may support career growth or the reputation of the organization, we cover fundamentals ranging from handshakes, through ad-hoc small talk with a very important person, all the way to “sealing the deal”. At Inktale, we aim to eradicate awkward moments in the meeting room and getting your point across loud and clear. 

25 October, 2021

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避开文化和语言障碍 Inktale Workshop #2 | Avoiding Cultural & Language Barriers

We are on a mission for better education for our precious translators and interpreters!


Translation and interpreting are not just language tools or techniques but the bridge to connect different culture exchanges.

Inktale Translation Workshop is a creative and cross-cultural knowledge exchange for translators, interpreters, and writers living and working in beautiful Shanghai, China. During our 2nd workshop, we discussed different tools such as translation software MemoQ and good old Google Translate. 




25 June, 2021

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InktaleTalks | The keys to writing marketing copy 营销文案撰写技巧

How can you and your organization write marketing copy that’s effective, targeted, relevant and influential? Read on.


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