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19 December 2019

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Announcement: Inktale Writers Club Joins Hands with The Shanghai Writing Workshop


We are excited to announce a series of new initiatives as part of our ongoing efforts toward improving the quality of creative and professional writing in Shanghai.


Beginning in January 2020, the Inktale Writers Club will be partnering with The Shanghai Writing Workshop (SWWS) to offer focused educational workshops on writing in order to achieve this goal. We are very excited to join with this long-established and active community to help improve the quality and scope of our offerings, as well as provide greater opportunities to members of both organizations. As part of this new cooperation, the IWC-SWWS venture is also planning a Spring 2020 Writing Conference, allowing writers from both organizations to network and learn from each other.

Last but not least, we wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Inktale Dialogues

28 October 2019

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A Thought-provoking Dialogue between Victor and Catherine

When the elevator door opens, do you wish to see anyone inside or no one at all?

The evolution of urban buildings follows the footsteps of economic development. As buildings grow taller and taller, elevators have become indispensable in people's everyday lives. The invention and use of elevators was not only a milestone in industrial revolution but also has enabled people to enjoy improved efficiency and freedom of movement. In terms of creative inspirations, the narrow space formed by this “small box” has also sparked fantastic ideas on love and fear as well in such areas as science fiction and even sociological research.

In this InktaleDialogues edition, we are pleased to present an in-depth conversation between Catherine who works in the marketing department of Schindler Elevator’s Large Project Division and Inktale’s new media marketing director and renowned self-media star Victor. The conversation focuses on the interactions between elevators of the future and human beings as well as their impact on the industry as a whole and the strategic considerations of industry professionals. Let's join Victor and follow the lead of the elevator Maven Catherine to be part of a brainstorming session that is informative, imaginative and thought-provoking..

Inktale Writers Club

26 July 2019

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In Love
Love and Mojitos

Qixi English Hint Fiction Contest 2019 - Make a date with Inktale Writers Club for the eve of Qixi- Chinese Valentine’s Day! 


Write your story about that special someone, about your heart’s intentions, for our English Hint Fiction Contest 2019 - and just maybe win some PRIZES too! 


1. Leave a message to participate: Leave a message below our official WeChat post and write your English micro novel, limited to 100 words.  Theme: Love.

2. Get Likes to Qualify for the Second Round: One point is awarded for each “like” accumulated, up until the day of the Qixi Festival (August 7th, 2019). The stories ranking in the top twenty in number of likes will be selected for the next round which will consist of judge panel review; on August 8th2019, the works selected as finalists will be announced on Inktale’s official WeChat account.

3. Panel Review: The reviewing panel will score the finalists separately and select the winners.

4. Revelation of Prize Winners: We will select one first prize winner; one second prize winner, three third prize winners; one Best Literary Talent prize winner; one Best Story prize winner; and one Best Popularity Prize winner. Prize-winning works will be announced on Inktale’s official WeChat account.

Love is patient, love is kind.

Love, as the ancient poet Qingzhao Li put it, is when the “flute plays not the melody of grief”, and “her eyes betray her heart’s intentions”.


Love never gives fails.

Love is at Inktale. 

If you like languages, stay tuned and follow Inktale, more surprises are coming up!

Inktale Letters

14 February 2019

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V-day's Special: A Love Letter to All of Our Dearest Friends

Dearest followers and fans,


Inktale media has been in business for some time now! We have constantly been churning out articles, videos, and interesting stories for all to behold.


So why are we sending out a reminder today?


Well that’s because today is Valentine’s Day! And we wanted to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day amidst all the events swirling around in our lives.


We also want to write a love letter to all of our devoted followers to remind you guys that we are not just incredibly thankful for all of your incredible support but that this support is the bedrock of our motivation for doing great things.


We promise to continue to be the best we can be whether that be when we work with our clients to find solutions to their challenges or if that means we are spending time filming and subtitling a video. Your love just makes us better and that’s what true love really means.


We also hope that Inktale and the content we create continues to add to your life.


From Inktale and with much love, we bid you farewell!


And we all know that the chasm of time will not keep us apart for long!

Inktale Talks

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Social network concept
Facebook VS WeChat

Is Facebook the master of user experience? Could any other company even write a blueprint on becoming as vast and versatile, much less realize it?